Maine Canoe Symposium

Maine Canoe Symposium June 2015

If you have lived in Maine for any length of time there has almost certainly been a canoe in your life at some point.

It might have been a battered aluminum fishing canoe that your grandparents kept at their cabin.. Or maybe it was a summer camp encounter with a sun-faded polyethylene veteran MCS flyerof many years on the waterfront. If you were very lucky — you got to experience a classic wood & canvas model somewhere along the way.

The Pine Tree State has been closely associated with both the manufacture and historic use of the open canoe for over 200 years. And for the past 30 years now, the folks at the Maine Canoe Symposium have been celebrating that tradition.

Canoe lovers flock to the annual event held at Winona Camps on Moose Pond in Bridgton. This year’s festivities will be held over the weekend of June 5-7..

Come learn to solo paddle that big Old Town that your grandfather passed down to you. Or learn the art of canoe poling from the best competitors and guides in the business.

Registration is filling up fast on this 30th anniversary year.– don’t delay.

Rangeley Town landing.

Rangeley Town landing.

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